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Sculpture :: Portable Prayers

Portable Prayers are small sculptures (approximately 2 to 6 inches tall) intended to be readily mobile.

The first of these was made by the artist for himself. It was with the idea of taking a little memento of home with him on extended journeys. Several friends who became aware of this piece were enchanted by this idea and suggested that he make more for those who might enjoy creating a "home-like" atmosphere in their lodgings on their travels. The result is the on going series of small sculptures called Portable Prayers.

These small sculptures are available directly from the artist. They are often unique pieces. When made in editions, the edition size is rarely more than 12. The cost of these works is about $1,000.00.

Portable Prayers 1
Portable Prayers 2
Portable Prayers 3
Portable Prayers 4
Portable Prayers 5
Portable Prayers 6
Portable Prayers 7
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